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Saturday, 12 April 2014

7 Things to Know About Khloé Kardashian's Pal French Montana

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana (Getty Images/Splash News)
Khloe Kardashian and French Montana 
Who is Khloé Kardashian's new party partner French Montana?
The reality star and rapper have been attached at the hip for over two weeks now ever since Kardashian, 29, first popped up on Montana's Instagram on March 26.
Last weekend, Kardashian helped Montana, 29, house hunt around L.A. after hitting up Sean "Diddy" Combs's son's sweet 16 bash together. The duo — along with Scott Disick — also went clubbing at Hooray Henry's on Wednesday night in West Hollywood. Although they made separate exits, photographers snapped them leaving the hot spot together.
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Khloe and French Montana head to Cecconis 
And on Thursday, French and Khloé grabbed dinner with her sister, Kourtney, and Scott at trendy Italian eatery Cecconi's in WeHo.
So does Kardashian have a new man in her life?
Though reps aren't commenting, here are a few things to know about her rumored beau:
1. His real name is Karim Kharbouch: He was born in Morocco and immigrated to New York City at age 13, settling in the Bronx. According to his bio, he considers himself a "Bronx representing rapper." So, where did the stage name French Montana come from?
"France had tried to take over Morocco, not in my time obviously, but there are still influences there from the French culture. So when I came over here, the name French just kind of stuck with me," the rapper explained. "Then the Montana thing I just picked it up. There's the whole cocaine connotation from the name of my DVD series with Tony Montana, plus I kind of bare a resemblance in the skin tone. So I tacked that on to the 'French' part and voila, you got French Montana, the macaroni with the cheese!"
2. He launched the "Cocaine City" DVD series in 2002: This is how Montana says he got a "grassroots" following. The DVDs featured interviews with up and coming rappers as well as established hip-hop artists.
"Called it Cocaine City just because cocaine is worldwide, every city has it, just like they better have my DVD," Montana said about the title.
"The DVDs were always the plan for me to get on as far as rapping," he continued. "It was a platform. It was a stepping stone."
3. He's been married and has one son: In 2007, Montana married Deen Kharbouch. They have one son together, 4-year-old Kruz. The couple supposedly separated in 2012, but it doesn't seem amicable.
Deen has been speaking out to tabloids this week "warning" Khloé about her ex, saying, "things are not what they seem." She has also taken to Twitter to allege that Montana is not a great father.
However, the rapper noted in an interview last year that being a father "inspires me to go harder."
4. He's multilingual: When Montana first came to the U.S. he was fluent in French and Arabic, speaking only a small bit of English.
5. He's pals with Diddy: In 2011, French signed a record deal with Diddy's label, Bad Boy Records. Diddy and Rick Ross produced his debut album, "Excuse My French." Judging from Montana's Instagram, he and Diddy work hard and play hard.
Other famous artists Montana has collaborated with include Miley Cyrus ("FU") and Jennifer Lopez ("I Luh Ya Papi").
6. He's not opposed to a shirtless selfie: Looks like French Montana and Justin Bieber would get along.
7. He's into fashion: "I had always been passionate about fashion, but now I have the means to invest even more," Montana shared last year. "I am really into Versace, I wear a lot of their silks. I also like the classic houses like Fendi and Gucci and also Louis Vuitton."

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