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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Karlie Kloss Before She and Taylor Swift Became Besties

Then: Years before model Karlie Kloss bonded with Taylor Swift, her closest friends were her three sisters, as seen in a photo she posted to Facebook on Thursday. "This extra special #TBT is dedicated to my 3 incredible sisters," she captioned it. "I [love] you @kmkloss @kariannkloss @kimbykloss happy #nationalsiblingday!"

Now: Karlie, now 21, is a member of Taylor's posse of famous friends. However, she's still tight with her older sister Kristine and younger twin sisters, Kimberly and Kariann. "They are all amazing!" Karlie told the U.K.'s Grazia Daily about her sisters in June 2013. "My sisters are all beautiful — there are four of us and each of us looks entirely different. We joke that we must all have four different sets of parents! The stork must have got mixed up! My elder sister Kristine has been helping me since she graduated [from college] — she's with me in New York and works and travels with me to all the shows. She also helps me with all my new projects …" One of those projects is Karlie's Kookies, a vegan, gluten-free, and reportedly delicious dessert. A portion of proceeds from sales of the cookies goes to the non-profit organization FEED to provide nutritious meals to children in poverty around the world. So far, Karlie's Kookies has donated 419,535 meals, according to the official website.

No wonder Karlie and the philanthropic Swift are so friendly.

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