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Saturday, 21 December 2013

11 Celeb Questions stars for 2014

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The year of Beyoncé Our Lord 2013 is nearly gone, and we here at omg! still have so many lingering questions. So. Many. Unanswered. Riddles. Of the ages.

Like what? Hey, glad you asked. Let us know in comments if we missed your own  Q!

Will Kim and Kanye wed at Versailles? And will they pay Marie Antoinette to resurrect herself and act as the wedding planner? Because you know they're thinking about it.

Will Katy Perry and John Mayer's romance last? Because they’ve just released a video showcasing their love, which means they need to break up immediately.

Will Beyoncé drop a super-secret surprise second baby next year? She's already proven she can be as stealthy as she wants with long-term projects. Besides, every royal family knows that you need a spare as well as an heir.

Whom will Taylor Swift target next for a relationship-slash-revenge-song? We hear Lamar Odom's available.

What took Khloé Kardashian so long to file for divorce? And will her divorce from Lamar Odom be subtitled "A Kardashian Event"?

Will Paula Deen ever be forgiven? We're open to more apologies, as long as they're in butter-fried biscuit form.

Will Britney make it in Vegas? They have frappuccinos there, right?

Will Jessica Simpson finally marry in 2014? It's a valid question, given that Versailles may be unavailable.

Has Jennifer Lawrence ever pissed anyone off? Made one tiny mistake? At all? Really? No?

Is Leah Remini's defection from Scientology actually a secret plot orchestrated by Scientology? By the way, it's totally obvious that Jay Z is a member of the Illuminati.

Has Shia LaBeouf actually been plagiarizing everything he's ever said since the beginning of his career? The only thing he hasn't stolen is this column. Unless he's doing it … right … now.

Will Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux really tie the knot? Or is she just having way too much fun messing with us?

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