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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kim Kardashian Is Releasing a Book of Selfies

Kim Kardashian got a book deal (Universe)

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Kim Kardashian is releasing a book of (what else?) selfies.
Appropriately titledSelfish, the coffee table book (available in April 2015) will feature some of the reality star's best solo shots. And all 352 pages of Kim pics — published by Rizzoli's Universe imprint — can be yours for just $19.95!
Kardashian, 33, got heat from sister Khlo√© during a recent episode ofKeeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim was taking tons of self-portraits (about 1,200 to be exact) while on a family trip to Thailand. Turns out she wasn't just being vain — she was hard at work getting beautiful pics for her upcoming book.
Apparently, the inspiration for the photo album came from a Valentine's Day gift she gave to Kanye West. When Kim couldn't figure out what to give the rapper for the romantic holiday, she decided to make him a book filled with Polaroid shots (of herself), because "all guys love it when a girl sends them sexy pics."
"It ended up turning out so cool that we came up with this idea to do a book, a selfie book," Kim explained to stepbrother Brody Jenner on her family's reality show. "I'm going to make some, like, super-racy — I mean, every girl takes, like, full, like, pictures of their a-- in the mirror." 
When Brody asked if the snapshots were for Kanye's eyes only, Kim replied: "Yeah, but I might share some of them — some of them."
Turns out fans will be getting to see a lot of them next spring. Here is a sneak preview of the type of photos you can look forward to.

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