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Monday, 18 August 2014

Miranda Kerr Allegedly Pregnant With New Billionaire Boyfriend James Packer's Baby - Reports

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is reportedly pregnant with a second child, new reports are speculating. The 31-year-old is allegedly dating Australian billionaire James Packer and the child is his, reveal the latest reports. The Victoria's Secret model never wanted a huge gap between her two children hence she decided to take this step of getting pregnant again with James, believes the publication.

The ex-wife of actor Orlando Bloom was reportedly feeling dizzy and nauseous on her recent trip to Munich; Star Magazine's upcoming print edition is speculating adding that Miranda's health issues could be related to her pregnancy.
"The last time she was like this was when she was pregnant the first time around," notes an insider to the magazine. The grey-eyes beauty is secretly dating Packer since December last year. The 46-year-old businessman also split from his wife at the same time Miranda divorced Orlando, reveals the magazine.
 "She never wanted a big gap between her children. She's eager to get pregnant again," reveals an insider to the magazine adding that the model has been "talking babies" with her boyfriend for quite some time.
Miranda and her new beau James have known each other for a while and were family friends too. James reportedly advised the Australian model when she launched her beauty product business some time ago, Daily Telegraph reveals.
James and his wife Erica Packer holidayed with Orlando and Miranda in Bora Bora way back in 2012. Coincidently, James split from his wife in September last year while Miranda announced her break-up with Orlando in October. James has three kids from Erica - Indigo, 5, Jackson Lloyd, 3, and Emmanuelle Sheelah, 15 months while Miranda Kerr has a 3-year-old son Flynn from Bloom, who lives with her. Erica is second wife of James and the two got married in a grand ceremony on the French Riviera in 2007.
The chances of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr reunion seem bleak now as both have moved on with new partners in their lives. "The Hobbit" actor was spotted having a good time with 20-year-old Swedish girl Lykke Glommern with whom he was "Jet-Skiing, dancing and eating dinner on the island of Formentera," reveals the publication.
Miranda Kerr is yet to release a statement regarding the dating and pregnancy rumours

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